Bantu Spaceship


contact booking : Marine Leca

Bantu Spaceship are part of a young generation of artists inspired bythe creative explosion in Zimbabwe in the 1980s, when artists began to combine local styles with contemporary Western sounds, creating alternative and experimental movements, translating this golden age into a hybrid style they call “New Jit Wave”. On their debut album released by Nyami Nyami Records, the duo pay tribute to these past rhythms by injecting them with synth-wave, hip-hop and disco flavors.Two singles, “Bantu Cakes” and Dont Break, quickly made a name for themselves… And Kid Fonque takes over the title track and remix,Journey to Misava, to the delight of dancefloors everywhere!Ulenni Okandlovu’s poetic Ndebele songs shine on Joshua Madalitso Chiundiza’s electronic productions. Together, the two members of this visionary crew emanate a sweet perfume of Afrofuturism from this album. Backed up in concert by young guitarist The Serpant and brilliant singer/guitarist Thando Mlanbo, the Quartet promise to take us on a journey through time and space with a creative energy and artistic abundance that have all contributed to the development of the country’s music revival!