Bird Signals for Earthly Survival


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The theme of “Cycle of Migration” was inspired, firstly, by the recurring hunting season on the roaming bird migration in Greece, home of the filmmaker, Stratis. The resulting impact is a worrisome reminder of how nature can be impacted by human activity. The group also focuses on the participatory element, which aims to encourage viewers to think creatively and experiment cooperatively. The idea is to combine the dialogue / interaction of visual content with musical impulses and illustrate it as a cooperative process. The exchange between the artists has been initiated by Mehmet Aslan, who as the initiator of this excursion also takes the artistic lead. Attached to this presentation are excerpts and moods that have led to the rough concept. The residency will take place in Lyon on July 20 and will last 5 days. We are in 2050 where massive climate catastropheand extinction of species dominates earth’s terrain and consciousness. Humans trying to cope with that reality, learning other tactics, kits of survival, and adjustments in world of living and dying. Humans have no safe home anymore, destined to a nomadic route and wandering, permanently in a state of exception. All people now living in the Anthropocene are refugees. The majority of humans gets into destructive models of self survival but many others try to visualise a new way of inhabitance in Gaia, creating hybrids entanglements and kins with critters of the no human world. Critters at this time are at stake in each other in every mixing and turning of the Terran compost pile. We realize this period that we are all compost beings- humans or not- become with each other, compose and decompose, each other, in every stake and resister of time, and stuff in sympoietic tangling, in earthly worlding, and unworlding. Some communities of humans sense that immigrating birds years now trying to warn and awake humans regarding climate change, the concentration of toxic particles in the air, the CO2 emissions, the garbage’s effluvium and others environmental dysfunctions. Humans start learning from these immigrating birds and developing symbiotic relationships with them, especially Swallows which carry a wisdom regarding earthly survival. Cross-species interactions though require different ways of relating, especially nonlinguistic communication such as signs and signals. Humans start developing this language of signs in order to decode what signals swallows were conveying to them through the sounds they make, their flight, the way of making their nests. The myth after all says that swallows learned this ancient language from primitive humans before thousands of years and in a way they want to communicate this forgotten language back and help people realise the magnitude of catastrophe their inhabitance brings to the earth. Swallows teach humans the art of living in a damaged planet. Signals for Earthly Survival – Residency Lyon 2021, this performance is presented by We Are Europe. The project, Signals for Earthly Survival, is intended to encourage viewers of creative thinking and cooperative experimentation by illustrating how music can emerge visually. Emblematic of this, the theme of bird migration is used to create a metaphorical bridge to the far-reaching issue of immigration. UK