Bonnie Spacey


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Bonnie Spacey, French and Marseille based Dj/Producer, has been rocking the dance floors since 2015.
She had her musical light bulb moment after hearing Miss Kittin & The Hacker for the first time.
It was the turn of the millennium and this introduction led her to dive deeper and deeper into electronic
music. When she eventually decided to pursue it herself, as a DJ and producer, she began to pair these
sounds with another of her formative influences, her intrinsic love of guitars, which was passed down
through her guitarist father.
She explores the intersection of these sounds though indie dance, heady techno and dark disco, in both
her DJ sets and her own output.
As a space to share her own music and those of likeminded artists, in 2019 she launched Critical
Monday, a label dedicated to a club-ready concoction of techno and rock-orientated music. So far
she’s welcomed the likes of Curses, Rafael Cerato, Shubostar, Tony Y Not, Günce Aci and Mala Ika to
the imprint, all of whom share her love of these potent sonics.