Caïn و Muchi


contact booking : Sidonie

Cain و Muchi was born from a collaboration between Vanda Forte and Sinclair Ringenbach through various university art projects. A first EP “Martyr/KU(7)” was self-released in March 2020, being the outcome of a long-distance collaboration, since Vanda was back in Morocco, their native country, during the first lockdown. 

Their universe merges traditional music from the MENA region and electronic music, halfway between experimental, rap and club music; a symbiosis of their respective influences. The meticulous sound design and the orchestration of the tracks, mixing crystalline voices, electronic beats and percussive pulses, are echoed in Vanda’s both dreamy and realistic committed lyrics. They like to sow doubt through metaphors and allegories, painting a multifaceted picture of life. Vanda sings in various Arabic dialects (Moroccan, Egyptian, Syrian…) and tackles subjects such as mental health, social oppression (racism, patriarchy, gender segregation) and political conflicts (war in Syria, Israeli-Palestinian conflict…) that transcend the human condition: resilience, new world, post-war.

Cain و Muchi has gradually made a place for itself in the cultural landscape of Marseille, through Métaphore, Montevideo, on
the roof terrace of La Friche La Belle De Mai, at Embobineuse and Déviation. They also performed at Stereolux (Nantes), at Station Gare des Mines (Paris), Lavoir Public (Lyon) and Bulle Café (Lille); invited by Scopitone, Mu, Dreamachine, and
Mouillette collectives. 

The two artists have a new live show in preparation, which they will present at the Positive Education festival in Saint-Étienne on November 11th. An EP will also be released by the end of 2022.