Caïn و Muchi


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Cain و Muchi is the meeting of Vanda Forte and Sinclair Ringenbach. Their universe fuses traditional music from the MENA region. and electronic music, halfway between experimental, rap and club music ; symbiosis of their respective influences. The meticulous sound design and orchestration of the pieces, mixing crystalline voices, electronic beats and percussive impulses, find echo in Vanda’s committed texts, dreamy and realistic stories where they like to sow doubt by means of metaphors and allegories, painting of a multifaceted life. Vanda sings in various arabic dialects (Moroccan, Egyptian, Syrian, etc.) and addresses subjects such as mental health, social oppression (racism, patriarchy, gender segregation) and political conflicts (war in Syria, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, etc) which transcend the human condition : resilience, new world, post-war.