De Grandi


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De Grandi stands as one of the boldest frontrunners of the ’club’ music scene. No holds barred, euphoria driven tracks coming through from Paris via Brussels and being played out by massive DJs across the globe — De Grandi is carving an upward trajectory which will no doubt burst into widespread recognition.

On the ground, his 2019 track ‘Paris Nord-Est’ was selected by both Resident Advisor and FACT as one of their best tracks of the year. In 2022 he released an EP on High Digital and the long-awaited, fan favorite single, ‘La Teknoz’ which fuses traditional Breton bagpipes, grime and gabber (yes). He also runs the Parisian label Paradoxe Club with Le Dom, To Van Kao, Sunareht and Birol and have a twice a month residency on Rinse France.