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Tomas, 31 years old, has been deeply touched by the visionary dimension hauled by Aphex Twin’s and Autechre’s music in the past decade. Rather than trying to emulate it, he carried it with him in his productions and sets where a new-wave infused techno formerly prevailed. 

December operates the synthesis between unfathomable atmospheres in which synthesizers are always close to leave up in smoke, and a percussive, cutting-edge and lightly wobbly techno, close from EBM’s both warlike and erotic grooves, 90s techno’s most banging fringes, and historical industrial music.

December’s music is a nightly one. Always on the edge between party and spleen, it questions the sensitivity taboo in techno, alternating dry rhythmic punishments and synthesizers colored with a worried melancholy. A fistuful of records released on some of the most observed technoid labels of the time (Blackest Ever Black, In Paradisum, Jealous God, Mannequin, Where To Now) have already let him grasp the first steps of this constructing post-romantic techno ideal.