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Artiste Savon Noire

Glittery queer collective born out of a desire to bring together beyond the codes, Discoquette currently has 6 DJs and 2 resident Drag Queens. What unites us? The desire to create party spaces that are as joyful as they are political, with respect and acceptance for every person who crosses our dance floors. As for music: house, Italo disco, acid, rave, and pop come together without barriers and without hesitation in the mixes of our resident DJs: A-440, Ba-Vic, Benjamin Starks, Ixpé, Nannä Volta, Ok Pal!, accompanied by our drags, Gloria Gaypierre and Victoria Lachose. Their commitment to the queer scene is unwavering, and they strive to continue creating inclusive spaces where everyone can be themselves and celebrate their individuality.