dj 13nrv

france | DJ Set (Metaphore Collectif)

contact booking : Sidonie

Member of Metaphore Collectif crew in Marseille and co-founder of Southfrap Alliance, DJ 13NRV litterally ‘very angry’ – is one of those representatives of the frapcore movement – mix of french rap and hardcore music.

Like the rats of his city, he knows how to stay discreet but always on the lookout. You can find him almost everywhere with his crew or solo, and in particular with Southfrap Alliance, the label and crew that he created and has been leading alongside Bogoss-Lacoste for several years now, who brings together under the same banner what he likes to call the “dirty team” and who intends to place Marseille and the South of France scene on the map of hard music.

Proud representative of the Marseille scene, nervous and turbulent DJ sets with high intensity BPM, with DJ 13NRV there is only one goal: set everything on fire.