france | DJ Set (Metaphore Collectif)

contact booking : Gaétan

Hard head Metaphore’s Collectif family, DJ 13NRV – Black jersey market screwed on the shoulders – has for some time been ranked on the side of the fiercest representatives of southfrap’s scene, understand “frapcore made in Marseille”, becoming one figures of the young and promising Southfrap Alliance, label where he signed 2 tracks.

Before it was DJ HARDC92E, until the day who someone had the misfortune to ask him if he was coming from 9-2. There’s nobody more in love for the 13 than him : DJ HARDC92E, born in 1992, quickly metamorphosed into DJ 13NRV to honor the city flowing in his blood, blue and white. Like a match at the Stade Vél ‘, the “discreet gabber” likes to rock his audience’s heart, to play emotions and sensations. From original hardcore movement to subgenera 2.0, to revived French rap treasures, distant melodious anthems, jungle or drum and bass, his mix mixes raw and brutal sounds with a new wave of less dark music that founds inspiration in the rave culture.