Dj Nomad

Germany | Dj Set

contact booking : Olivier

Nomad has been a legend of Berlin’s music underground scene for almost two decades.
He came to Berlin as a young upstart producer, getting involved in Berlin’s club scene spinning jungle and drum+bass in the mid nineties. At the same time he secretly became infamous on Berlin’s Streets as a Streetartist /Grafittywriter. Travelling the world with art and working for Hollywood celebrities didn’t stop his love for music…
Nomad does not necessarily put a label on his style , but always expresses love for Polyrythms, Soulful harmonies and the African drums and Percussion. He’s madly obsessed with finding fresh world music dance tracks before they become hits, and a massive collector of Soul, Funk and Disco from around the Globe. He enjoys mixing modern productions with Tropical sounds and African, Latin and Afro grooves. From Modern Soul and Afro Rock styles over classic Afrofunk to Zouk and Cadence ,Gwo Ka, Cumbia, Soukousse, Shangaan or Bossa and Samba among other forms.
He holds black belts in Bar Jazz , Brazilian Pop and ModernSoul, Cameroon and Nigerian Boogie, A Star of Honor in Soukousse and Samba, and a Highlife Doctor’s Diploma. He’s Member of the Gwo Ka honour guard and is trained in zero fucks given. In one word: a genuine all over DJ. These were five words… well u get the point. As a Producer he’s breaking ground and travelling the world together with DIRK LEYERS
and the transcultural Project AFRICAINE 808 .