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Domenique Dumont is now as a solo and instrumental project and  will tour in 2021 only as a cine concert based on People On Sunday :  an original soundtrack to the 1930 silent film variously known as Menschen am Sonntag, Les Hommes le Dimanche. The film is a key work of interwar German cinema, based on a screenplay by Billy Wilder and directed by Robert Siodmak

Like Domenique Dumont’s earlier albums, Comme Ça and Miniatures De Auto Rhythm, People On Sunday evokes a more innocent, carefree time conjured by wistful electronics full of warmth and melody. Touching on the hazy exotica that made those two records so alluring, here Dumont draws on his love of classical music, library music and early electronic experimentation to create a timeless, optimistic sound. If his past productions possessed a certain Mediterranean quality, across these 13 new pieces Dumont’s shimmering synth-pop has an enchanting simplicity.

Part documentary, part fiction, the film People On Sunday follows a group of characters going about their business in Weimar-era Berlin over one weekend and shows normal life in Germany before dictatorship.

“The film shows people and their surroundings shortly before all of it was destroyed,” says Dumont. “Ironically, watching this movie with the eyes of today, it looks more surreal than documentary. And I can’t help but think and reflect about the times we are living in now. We might have similar desires people had a hundred years ago, but we now have a completely different approach to life.”

People On Sunday is the third album by Domenique Dumont
Freshly signed to The Leaf Label, having previously released two albums on Parisian electronic/dance label Antinote.
It follows on from the cult success of synth-pop exotica albums Comme Ça (2015) and Miniatures de Auto Rhythm (2018)
The album was originally conceived as a soundtrack to the classic 1930 German silent film known variously as Menschen am Sonntag, Les Hommes le Dimanche and People on Sunday
It was originally performed at Les Arcs Film Festival december 2019, as a joint order from Arcs Film Festival, Festival La Rochelle Cinéma and  BulCiné (Nantes).

Support from Pitchfork, Resident Advisor, FACT Magazine, Gorilla vs Bear, KEXP, BBC 6 Music’s Tom Ravenscroft, Mary Anne Hobbs and NTS Radio’s Charlie Bones, among others
Dumont recently remixed Domino’s Jaakko Eino Kalevi, and has also reworked tracks by Cola Boyy and Mark Barrott
Festival appearances include Mutek Montreal, Dekmantel, Nuits Sonores, Milhões de Festa and the Venice Biennale


« au-dessus de ces arpèges électroniques joueuses flottent quelques paroles en français qui, même enfouies dans la matière cotonneuse, résonnent par leur force mélodique, notamment sur le balearic « Sans Cesse, Mon Chéri » Radio Nova

« Album ovni composé de rêveries musicales et de berceuses de nuits d’été » Les Inrocks

2010-2019: Albums of the Decade (Comme Ça)
Resident Advisor

“The score has a beautifully whimsical and shimmery underwater vibe”
Gorilla vs Bear

“The combination of lively rhythms and languid textures was nothing short of genius on record”
The Vinyl Factory