Domenique Dumont

Latvia | Live

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Domenique Dumont is a nom de plume for collaboration between multi-instrumentalist and producer Arturs Liepins, vocalist and ethnomusicologist Anete Stuce and perhaps an artist from France whose existence is neither confirmed nor denied. Hailing from a small country situated on the shores of the Baltic Sea in the North of Europe, the band has gained popularity and raised a lot of eyebrows not only in their homeland, but all around the globe, especially in francophone countries.

Domenique Dumont’s music escapes easy categorization, but once the song starts the feel of something familiar, classic and rigid in its direction is there. Building from a foundation of buoyant sambas, bossa nova undertones and cinematic, experimental pop the Latvian duo’s project is a heartfelt modernization of breezy dreaminess in the style of its own.

Since 2013 the band has released 3 albums. The newest – “People On Sunday” (2020) is the third album by Domenique Dumont. Freshly signed to The Leaf Label and having previously released two albums on Parisian electronic / dance label Antinote it follows on from the cult success of synth-pop exotica albums “Comme Ça” (2015) and “Miniatures de Auto Rhythm” (2018). “People On Sunday” was originally conceived as a soundtrack to the classic 1930 German silent film known variously as “Menschen am Sonntag”. It was originally performed at Les Arcs Film Festival in December 2019, as a joint order from Les Arcs Film Festival, Festival La Rochelle Cinéma and BulCiné (Nantes).

As a band, Domenique Dumont played at Villette Sonique (Paris), Mutek (Montreal), Macki (Paris), Lente Kabinet/Dekmantel (Amsterdam), Nuits Sonores (Lyon), Midi Night (Marseille), Sinsal (Espagne), Milhões de Festa (Portugal)…

Band’s fourth studio album is currently in the making.



« Above these playful electronic arpeggios float a few French lyrics which, although buried into padded matter, resonate through their melodic strength, namely on the balearic ‘Sans Cesse, Mon Chéri’ » Radio Nova

« UFO album composed of musical daydreams and summer nights lullabies » Les Inrocks

2010-2019: Albums of the Decade (“Comme Ça”) Resident Advisor

“The score has a beautifully whimsical and shimmery underwater vibe” Gorilla vs Bear

“The combination of lively rhythms and languid textures was nothing short of genius on record” The Vinyl Factory