Donna Blue


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Each other’s muse, lovers and collaborators.

The creative duo behind Donna Blue plays sultry indie pop, under the influence of sixties yé yé, Lynch movies and old Hollywood romance.


Interview et session live Paste Magazine Session (US)

Beats1 Rocket Hour la playlist signée par Elton John!

« Sous emprise d’Ennio Morricone, Donna Blue a-t-il vu trop de films de Sergio Leone et Quentin Tarantino ? Rien n’est moins sûr. » Sourdoreille

« Donna Blue makes romantic music that could instantly fit in a David Lynch movie » Noisey

“‘Billy‘ is a sumptuous tale of heartbreak drawn in Lynchian framing with a steakerish twist” God Is In The TV Zine (UK)

Interview Joy of Violent Movement (US)

Amazing Radio (US)

Byte FM (DE)

“We would like to slow dance, forever, on this delicate melody with oldie inspirations. Vintage has a bright future, and Donna Blue does too.” Indeflagration Premiere (FR)

“They always know how to give color to their mysterious world in a different way, and they continue to surprise” Dansende Beren (BE)