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Artiste Savon Noire

Yo sis, let me put you onto DouceSœur!! A bad-ass Caribbean high femme, part mermaid, part twerk queen, holding it down in Marseille. She knows that you’ve had a sick night out when you’ve let go of all your daily stresses by getting down to some ‘back it up’ and twerking. That’s her mission every time she rolls up, ready to party with her DJ controller. 

Yeah, she’s that fierce!! She stepped onto the scene in June 2021 with the aim of making Marseille’s party scene more inclusive and showing off her unique style and cultural heritage. In her sets, women and queer Afro-descendants get the respect they deserve! And trust me, her jams always end with a sweet, nostalgic blend of zouk, salsa, or dombolo.