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Invited by Belaria for her first residency of the year at Le Badaboum, Swiss-Italian FIONA is making a name for herself on the electronic scene. Announced on the Virage Paris stage this Friday, April 14, at We Love Green, Night Tales London, Le Bon Air, Paradise City and Hangar Festival, FIONA, whose aim is to build bridges between various creative industries, has never ceased to prove the breadth of her repertoire, drawing inspiration from breakbeat, italo house, rave and acid, affirming a singular and audacious sound universe. Whether you’ve been following her for a long time for her unique taste in design or fashion, or for her music, FIONA knows how to inspire on every level”, explains Luis Gratas, programmer at Rinse, who, along with Manaré, entrusted her with a residency last year.

It’s a real coup for this passionate artist, who joins the roster with undisguised pleasure!