Front de Cadeaux

Roma & Bruxelles | DJ Set

contact booking : Olivier

“Our sound is the sound of destruction”

The origins of Front de Cadeaux can be traced back to a dating site for bears, some ten years ago. After Maurizio had spotted a Felix Kubin poster on one of Ugo’s pictures, the two started chatting. Very much intrigued, Ugo invited Maurizio, who lives in Brussels, to play at a festival he organised in Rome. Shortly thereafter Maurizio became a resident of Ugo’s Subwoofer night, one of the first bear parties in Europa that existed outside of the mainstream bear realm.

The two bonded over food of course, over their belief that dance culture is rotting from the inside, and even more over slow, heavy electronic music. You have to picture it: a flat in Brussels, a table with empty bowls and bottles, thick smoke and these two daddy DJ’s listening to stacks and stacks of UK rave and breakbeat records on 33 instead of 45 rpm. Testing how deep and sexy these garbage records sound at a pace the bears can actually follow without dropping dead – Ugo & Maurizio.

Around 2013 they officially started collaborating as Front de Cadeaux, referring to the French way of pronouncing Front 242, the Belgian EBM legends. Naturally, their decade long DJ and production experience merged into one, just like their vision that dance culture urgently needs a revolution. That means they play 90 bpm in a club at 3am whilst the promoters are shitting themselves, showing everyone that the body follows the groove, and not the bpm, a capitalist and macho construct that’s making crowds go numb instead of making them dance.

> “It sounds better in slow motion” – RedBull Elektropedia

> “Quand les pédés ralentissent le beat” – Vice