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Are they a mystic reunion of stage occultists working their hardware magic incognito? Or is it a bunch of masked outlaws looking to strip crowds bare of their last ounce of sweat? Probably both, and either way, Lyon-via-Marseilles based J-Zbel have learnt to play with expectations and limitations with the sense of irony that characterises their home base of BFDM. Full-time staples of the Lyon clique, the triplet keep on elaborating nonformulaic blends of old-school rave tropes that defy usual conventions; throwing fragments of acid, jungle, trance, hardcore and even trap rhythms into the particle accelerator to create what’s become their trademark sound: a heavyweight alloy of danciness and leftfield-leaning bizarro; using no shortage of spritzy, explosive pyrotechnics to unleash maximal euphoria and elation on the dancefloor.