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Duo of the Saint Etienne’s collective Positive Education, and promoters for the famous festival of the same name, Antoine and Charles work as a family, and when they aren’t in command of this strange ship, they let themselves be carried by the wind and become Les Fils de Jacob. From a rather learned and convoluted mixture of eighties influences and ancestral melodies, derives an astonishing sobriety with intoxicating and lustful powers. If the potion works perfectly, it is the magic ingredient of the recipe which only they have the secret, it is the moment. The indefatigable Les Fils de Jacob prepare fairly little their set, sometimes very long one – 8 hours at Concrete in January 2018 – each time excited to make each other discover new music on stage and to be surprised at the same time as their audience: raw and anarchic vision of the music then become ritual, offering the awesome spectacle of a great artistic and human complicity.