Maoupa Mazzocchetti

Belgium / France | Live & Dj Set

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If Brussels-based French composer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ Maoupa Mazzocchetti laid the foundation to a sonic grammar as sophisticated as it is intrinsically versatile, governed by its own rules and self-regenerating logic, each album of his is designed as a singular experience – both in the formulation of its imaginary world as in its technical process – implying the constitution of a new sound palette and reinvented studio solutions, without debasing the cohesiveness of his vision. In control of each and every facet of his plural universe, from sound itself to visuals, through live installations, Maoupa weaves an environment in constant reformation, putting playfulness and exploration at the heart of its priorities.

The long list of labels Maoupa’s come to release on speaks volumes: Mannequin, Knekelhuis, Dark Entries, Editions Gravats, Arma, Bank, PRR! PRR!, Unknown Precept, BFDM… all have been seduced by the French artist’s unique aptitude at transcending styles and standards – whether in redefining new, nonconformist rhythmic norms, or in transmuting the codes of dance music beyond recognition. Various approaches that his collaborations with artists such as Beau Wanzer (De-Bons-En-Pierre), Clara! (Clara! Y Maoupa), DJ Gobelin & DJ Cloarec (An Ultimate DJ), Mika Oki, Shawn O’Sulivan, Air LQD, Nick Klein, Leila Boredreuil, Eindkrak, Charmaine Lee, ZULI, Emma DJ, Vica, Phillip Jondo and more, have all highlighted in their own distinct way.

Unpredictable to the bone, the music of Maoupa Mazzocchetti raises more questions than answers, bringing with each record its lot of new wrinkles and unsuspected turns. Rather than shutting itself away in an ivory tower of self-satisfaction, Maoupa’s cleverness is all about putting every previous success back into play with the following – a continuous leap forwards that fleshes out his his constantly expanding, kaleidoscopic persona with unheard characteristics. No wonder why his sound’s attracted itself the favours of key platforms including Unsound, Intonal, Nuits Sonores, Boiler Room, Berghain and got him to be frequently featured on the likes of NTS, Rinse, Red Light Radio, amongst others.