Orsso aka Yeahman

Marseille / France | LIVE

contact booking : Olivier

Multi-instrumentalist, DJ, composer, Jean Dasso known as Yeahman renames as ORSSO. He still claims a form of artistic universality and breaks down the boundaries between electronic music and world influences. Since 2017 he has toured across the Atlantic, as well as in Europe and Africa. Selected at the Inouïs du Printemps de Bourges, Yeahman was representing the Occitanie region in 2021, before settling in Marseille that same year, where he matured the evolution of his project with ORSSO…

Released in January 2021 on the American label Wonderwheel Recordings, his first album “Ostriconi” – plebiscite by FIP or Radio Nova – breathes traditional influences and brings together contemporary musicians, to which he adds his personal vision of electronic music, filled with vaporous keyboards and rhythmed with powerful bass. In spring 2022, he recorded a magnificent session for Cercle, who will also release his title “Wadi Rum”, in september 2022. Shot in the Jordanian desert, the video already gathers more than 500,000 views on Youtube…

As of 2022, Jean Dasso exhibits a new artistic side of his project under his new alias ORSSO: much more dance floor dedicated, with faster tempos and more electronic tones, still just as lively and melodic. A new project spotted by the English label Earthly Measures who discloses ORSSO’s 1st track on its compilation Earthly Tapes 03 (an EP is already planned on the follow-up of 2022). From a more personal standpoint, ORSSO blows as a mediterranean wind that draws him closer from his native Corsica. Fresh air for an artist who seeks to cut loose from any style label, and who claims a form of artistic universality by breaking down boundaries between electronic music and influences from the five continents.


In collaboration with Franco-Algerian artist and scenographer Selma Bourdon, who distills on stage her phosphorescent ceramics, light ellipses, smoke clouds and other textured videos, the musician unveils the extent of his sound universe by transporting the public in a heady organic ritual where basses roar, rhythms are deliciously syncopating, and trippy modular melodies take you away on an epic offshore journey, far far away…

Presented as an exclusivity at the Festival Le Bon Air (Marseille), in June 2022.



“Yeahman takes us for a ride in Balagne on a fistful of beach songs. A Corsican beach that might as well be Colombian, Ivorian or even Brazilian – as testifies the pretty “Baixi Baixi”, a dreamy track accompanied by guitarist Kino B and Portuguese sisters of Aluna Project. A nature parenthesis that invites to forget, for the time of an album, the too prevailing borders of a sometimes too shutted world.” Radio Nova

“Spotted by New-Yorker globe-trotter Nickodemus, Yeahman prepares to release his first album, recorded between Toulouse, Dakar, Napoli and Marseille, at the end of the month on the excellent label Wonderwheel Recording. A special place for all those who would like to carve out a niche for themselves in the small family of global tropical groove, where a handful of talented producers and musicians are thriving.” FIP