Pouvoir magique

France | DJ SET

contact booking : Olivier

Formed in November 2011, Pouvoir Magique is the musical project of Clément Vincent and Bertrand Cerruti. Fervent defenders of a “shamanic” techno, Magic Power combines two temporalities: three decades of sonorities and several millennia of songs and percussions from all over the world. Intoxicating, intriguing, their music rhymes with mysticism and spirituality. In spring 2013, Magic Power co-founds the collective “Mawimbi”, a project seeking to bridge the gap between a musical heritage influenced by the African continent and contemporary sounds. In June 2016, after the EP “Initiation” and several productions signed with their Mawimbi companions, the duo Power Magic signs its return with “Eclipse”, an EP that travels to the confines of contemporary electronic music and African musical traditions. The original piece is accompanied by a video clip produced and post-produced by Clément Vincent, half of the duo. At the beginning of 2017, Clément and Bertrand launched “Musiques des Sphères”, a label on which they found their new releases but also the Meteor and Dhamma projects. A few days later, following the burglary of his studio, the duo decided to release “Disparition” an album containing 12 unfinished titles and next November, Clément and Bertrand will release EP “Temple”.