Reda Saiarh

Genève | DJ SET

contact booking : Olivier

From 2018, Reda launched himself as pack leader of a radio dedicated to the local scene and traveled to several renowned festivals such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, Eurosonic, Transmusicales or Paléo with his former duo “Ramin & Reda”.

His project kicks off in 2021 with his debut solo EP “Let’s dance“released on the Dutch label Afrobotic Musicology, delivering his inspirations from proto-groove to belgian new beat. (a dedication to his cat too).

Subsequently, Reda appears on different platforms such as “Why People Dance” with his track “Put the Coconut down” on a large compilation involving more than 100 artists. More recently “Human Endeavour”, a sub-label of Ransom Note e run by Rosie Cain named him a track, “Kiki”, for his first compilation “Trains of Thought”, an honor for him.

In 2022, Reda began a new adventure as co-runner and booker of Geneva’s cultural café « Canal 54 ». A place for the local scene and develop its expression.

In February 2023, he signed a full EP “Comfort Zone” consisting of five varied tracks reflecting his passionate creation, transcending genres and cultures.

Finally, Reda also leads its events in collaboration with the clubs of its city: “Press Start” and shares the stage with Romain Fx and Kiara Scuro in particular. 

To be continued.