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Artiste Savon Noire

SABB, a guitarist, drummer, pianist, plunged into the world of electronic music in her adolescence. Her charisma and energetic way of connecting with the audience through her harmonious melodies allow her to navigate from melodic/progressive techno to break-beat and more trance-like techno. Accustomed to Free Parties and the Marseille club culture scene, music is for her a long journey that allows her to connect bodies and souls. In 2021, she joined programs such as IELS mix organized by Cabaret Aléatoire (SMAC) to support gender minorities in the electronic scene. Following that, she organized a night with a 100% female line-up to reinvent a more egalitarian scene. The values she wants to convey are sharing and support. SABB recently released her first EP “RESET” in a progressive techno style, quite deep, nostalgic, and tragic.