Sarah Story

UK | DJ Set

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Sarah Story has certainly made an impact in 2023 having achieved an amazing amount across the year. Her Radio 1 show sits proudly at the top of the accomplishments, with her slot being a prominent part of the Friday night programming. With each show, it has gained more and more support from a loyal fanbase week in, and week out. In terms of live performances, 2023 has been a standout year for Sarah seeing her make her debut at Fabric in London, Pikes and Hï in Ibiza, Brunch Festival in Madrid and Club Ost in Berlin, before most recently packing out the now infamous Runway Stage at Creamfields North in August. Aside from live performances, Sarah has also had online success as her debut Boiler Room from Fly Open Air in Edinburgh has garnered nearly 700,000 views in 3 months, outperforming a lot of other streams this year. In June she was also a voice for the BBC at this year’s Glastonbury hosting both 2 live broadcasts from Worthy Farm and also playing multiple sets across the festival. It really has been nonstop for Sarah and the momentum certainly isn’t slowing down.
With so many achievements, the next chapter of this story is next in Sarah’s sights. It is here where Sarah will begin to focus more on her solo production work in the studio and aims to have a string of regular releases out, with her first being on the much-respected Hypercolour penned for November 2023. Moving into 2024, Sarah will be launching her new brand, aptly named ‘Stories’ to the world. This will be a brand that quite literally tells a story, one written by Sarah, which is set to tour the UK early on in the new year before moving further afield. On top of the live activity, Sarah will also look to have a musical arm to the brand as ‘Stories’ will be her own imprint label as well, allowing her to release music as well as champion new artists, much like she has done over the last 2 years. This time she will be in full control without any compromise and it certain that a lot of exciting music and activity will emerge from her new brand.
In many ways it could be argued that this feels like the beginning, but with so much experience and so many achievements, not to mention a motivated and determined drive powering her, Sarah is simply re-writing her own story. Having established herself where she wants to be, the future is incredibly exciting for this UK artist. This industry is not a place where people exist in isolation, but it should be a community where talent is shared, supported and guided. With artists like Sarah, who’s mentality is exactly this, you are in safe hands.