The Pilotwings

France | Live & Dj Set

contact booking : Judaah

To those old enough to remember the eponymous SNES video game classic, the simple name of The Pilotwings will undoubtedly evoke happy memories. A playful, fun-driven duo from Lyon, Guillaume Lespinasse and Louis De La Gorce first emerged in 2014, making quite a splash with their quickly sold-out debut 12″, ‘Agorespace’, which also marked the beginning of the adventure for BFDM. Melding muscular breaks, faux-balearic house melodies, pot-fuelled dub and reshuffled trancey accents, the pair’s inaugural outing quite clearly outlined the contours of their pieces to come. Followed by a solid second EP in 2015, and no less than two high-rated albums for BFDM and Macadam Mambo one year later, ‘Les Portes Du Brionnais’ and ‘Une Nuit Au Boxboys’, and another EP in 2018, Guillaume and Louis cemented their status as one of France’s most refreshingly genuine and talented new groups to cycle through European stages in recent times.


Also active as Jonquera (Guillaume), Eiger Drums Propaganda and Mortimer Du Baton (Louis), The Pilotwings have forged a new live set that lives up to their high-flying studio standards, further exposing their love for deep house, Eurasian synth-pop, electronic library, exotica, retro video game soundtracks and – yes – eurotrance, through colourful musical cocktails. Joined on stage by fellow BFDM family member Lastrack on guitar, the result is a performance that slams down the frontiers between genres and tempi, showcasing the duo’s unparalleled capacity at incorporating all types of aesthetics to make it theirs. Meditative and dancy, intuitive yet carefully mastered, Louis and Guillaume’s music shines in its propensity to conjure up vibrant atmospheres where textural luxuriance and unrestrained electronic friskiness reign supreme. Time to stick a smile upon these sad faces, The Pilotwings are at the helm. Who can top that ?