Vanda Forte

France - Maroc | DJ SET / LIVE

contact booking : Sidonie

Vanda Forte, trained as a musicologist, is not reluctant to express aesthetics that link strength and vandalism through paying a particular attention to experimental approaches in her production process, or in the way she crafts their DJ sets.

In the latter, they showcase a diversification of rhythmic structures, accented by bass lines mostly coming from the Rave Culture, filled with melodic perfumes that can sometimes be flowing, sometimes unsettling. Vanda began their musical career in Morocco as a singer and multi-instrumentalist. They arrive in France in 2018 for an Acoustics & Musicology Master’s degree, and then gets noticed in the party world thanks to Meta Zone Libre events, or else through her appearance at the last Nuits Sonores edition.

In 2020, they started the Caïn و Muchi duo, where they sing and co-produce with Sinclair Ringenbach. Their poetry for this project articulates around identity, the sense of belonging, racism, wars… while placing the fact of living in a non-binary woman body at the center of her avocacy : chants, shouts – high and loud!