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One ventures into the music of Wilko & NDY as in the mazes of a nightclub where time is suspended. The aftermath is postponed to the next day. Rooms and meetings follow one another: feast, routine, hope, fatigue, envy, inertia, love and disenchantment. Everything mixes, starting with the sounds. A precise rap settles on a melodious pop before flying in an electro fury. In the middle, two masters of ceremony: Wilko & Ndy.

From their real names Bastien and Andy Burle, the two brothers from Marseille have made their mark on the legendary rap scene from their first E.P Trou Noir (2017), produced, recorded and mixed by Lionnel Buzac.
Thanks to the obvious ease with which they mix the best of their influences, Wilko & NDY quickly forged an artistic and scenic identity at the crossroads of rap, pop and electro.
After two years of success (INOUÏS PACA 2018 selecta, first sulphurous parts of Vald, Lorenzo, Lomepal, L’Or du Commun, a boiling show in Marsatac) they are back with their new album in October 2019.

October 18, 2019: they present us “Dopamine” a new album puckered, with vibrant bass and massive rhythms, whose 9 tracks plunge us into an atmosphere both melancholy and intense well-being. French texts’s through which the two brothers approach the quest for intense pleasure, mirror of their generation and who describe how Wilko & NDY, like their personnages, continue to advance with the urgency of those who “cram day-to-day life “.

They are back on stage at the end of 2019 and for a new tour in 2020, always accompanied by Loris to the machines.