A positive and human solution to reduce risks in cultural events

Emerging from the queer and electronic culture of Marseille, the Guides infuse a truly solar energy to every event they are part of. The company has been designed as both a mediation force and a global artistic performance, going toward the publics that are in need, morally or physically, but also developing funny and poetic artistic acts.

On the field, the Guides (schooled and employed) can prevent tough situations with both a social and artistic approach, completing the possibilities of the security team that has not the same formation and experience.

Born in 2020 for Festival le Bon Air in collaboration with artist and art-therapist Marie-Rose Frigiere as we were aiming to strenghten the bond between the production team and the publics. This solution quickly provided a mutual aid environment. The 2022 edition gathered more than 20.000 people, from 5PM to 5AM : thanks to the Guides, no complaint of agression or chemical submission has been noticed.

The Guides have followed several formations about these matters, prior to the event :

– Sexist & Sexual Violence and Harassment (SSVH) sensitization
– Risk reduction sensitization
– Knowledge of the venue (public circulation, stages, line-ups, etc).
– Knowledge of the programmation, musical genres and so on
– Security protocole : how to transmit informations ?