Welcome Bantu Spaceship

The Zimbawean band joins the agency's catalogue

The band emerged from a the creative explosion of 1980’s Zimbabwe, where artists began to melt local musical genres with contemporary occidental sounds, strongly building experimental and alternative movements, tribute to this golden age that they call the “New Jit Wave”.

On their first records (released on Nyami Nyami Records), they wanted to pay hommage to these forgotten rhythms, blending them with synth-wave, disco & hip-hop influences. Performing live, the band delivers poetic songs that shines over their very electronic productions. It results in a album where afrofuturism is at the center of the piece.

After a first residency, that let to a well-noticed performance at La Friche la Belle de Mai, Bantu Spaceship will be back in France next 8th December at @transmusicales de Rennes. The European Tour will start in spring 2024 and will end by the end of the summer !

Contact booking : cyril@bi-pole.org