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An autodidact producer obsessed by fierce and complex rhythms, Esther plays between club and film music’s sub-genres, bending the bars of stylistic exercise. She expresses the need to merge new cross-breeds, sweeping borders with organic and percussive productions. Her first sound experiences begin through the listening of Yiddish and Andalusian music. She starts her musical journey with the piano, then discovers at a late age the electronic scene of her town: Toulouse. She then completely focuses on her apprehension of analog machines that she absolutely falls in love with.

In 2018 she created DOUM, a label / collective that defines through the prism of sound, visual and plastic production. Her identity is inherently linked to the search for a hybrid and inclusive club culture that navigates between New Club Techno and Bass Music. It is composed of young producers whose intentions’ common denominator is to develop an initiating and trans-disciplinary medium.

She released her first EP in 2019: “Movement for the death of the kitten”. 4 exclusive titles articulated around a broken techno infused with bass music and avant-garde. An EP as an outlet: to anxiety, love’s uncertainties, inevitable break-ups and fear of what’s beyond. Conceived in an ultra narrative design, Esther proposes an organic and percussive soundtrack enveloped with drone touches, built around a broken rhythmic vision, supported by a dark and industrial textured sound canvas. Invited to join the POLAAR collective, activist of a wide spectrum french bass, she discloses “App Green / Hedon Hack”. This release received massive support from pillars of the avant-garde electronic scene, in the likes of Deena Abdelwahed (in her last mix for BBC Radio 1), or Osheyack from SVBKLVT (in her recent RA podcast). In 2020 she revealed her second EP “Pantome”.

The result is without appeal: an unclassifiable cerebral music owing to a wise imbroglio of breakbeat, techno and electronica. Between phantoms of the past and anticipation of the future, she explores a great whole, from myths’ poetry to dystopian tragedy. Drawing a peculiar, violent and even disturbing picture, Esther expresses a savage willingness to create a singular sonic touch. Brutal, streamlined and subversive, each track sounds the death-knell of past misfortunes, without an ounce of respite in her post-apocalyptic world. And if the Styx banks had their stroll, let this EP be their soundtrack.