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If BFDM has emerged as one of the most exciting French labels in the last three years, sweeping the status quo of the house and techno world with humor and irony, it is undeniably thanks to its hyperactive captain and brother superior Judaah. Leading his boat like no other, the label boss formerly based in Lyon now relocated to Marseille was one of the unifying elements in the new wave of talent that has swept through the Rhone, its surroundings, and throughout the country , even beyond, gathering around him a small group of producers and DJs on the same wavelength, all driven by a certain sense of brotherhood and a common desire to contribute their stone to the building of the renewal of the underground scene.

Continuing his incessant search for new sounds and other unclassifiable pearls, the fearsome Judaah has expanded his activities to new territories: as a booker for the artistic agency Bi: Pole, head of programming at – unfortunately fire – floating club, Razzle and as a resident on the London web radio NTS.