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Loya is a new project by French producer Sébastien Lejeune which allows him to research his own cultural heritage, as a native of La Réunion, as well other tribes, bands and singers originating from the Indian Ocean.

His work is unique, involving samples from rather unknown musical traditions, which are outstandingly eclectic and often altogether percussive and danceable.

His distinctive production technique involve reproducing classic rhythms from La Reunion Island (maloya, séga, Comores music) in a contemporary way, through the use of drum machines and synths as well as traditional percussion, resulting in a sort of exciting ‘island futurism’.

After one self-released album, a slew of very promising EPs on Mawimbi Records and a two remixes for Tony Allen, Loya’s proper debut album, “Corail” will be released in September via Mawimbi Records and feature the talents of various musicians from the Indian Ocean.