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Musahara is a hybrid stage creation, a sonic and visual work imagined by the artist Glitter55 and choreographer / dancer Nathan Gombert and Lisa Laurent.

Born in Marseille, the idea of their collaboration arises from a will to cross their worlds and rethink the interaction with the audience, who is invited to become an actor of the performance.

Musahara, which means “Alliances, Affinity” is the meeting of traditional Moroccan music and dances with our contemporary dance-floors. Facing the public, the dancers interpret a choreography of repetitive movements that evolves to drums’ rhythm and progressively seals a union between the producer, the dancers, and the crowd. Glitter55 will disclose her first musical productions on that occasion.

Nathan Gombert is a dancer at the Ballet National de Marseille, Lisa Laurent is a performer for Cindy Van Acker and is part of La Ribot Ensemble.




Originally from Rabat (Morocco) and based in Paris, GLITTER55 diffuses intensely syncopated tones, boosted with breakbeat and gqom rhythm sections. She made herself a spot on the best French and international festival sets: We Love Green, Transmusicales, Techno Parade, Nuits Sonores, Eurockéennes, or at the Festival Le Bon Air, where she made her first Boiler Room in 2019. From 2020, she was beginning her first recording collaborations : vocal featurings with Malcolm, Sebastien Forrester or Bawrut, and a production – Air Maghrib – as a duo with Brussels producer Cheb Runner. In 2022, GLITTER55 will reveal her first productions (made with De Grandi and Cheb Runner) that she will defend on stage with the AV and choreographic creation “Musahara”, at the sides of dancers Nathan Gombert and Lisa Laurent. 



Nathan Gombert

Nathan Gombert started dancing at six years old, in a small school nearby Toulouse. There he discovers contemporary dancing and participates in various projects. After his baccalaureate, he integrates the Geneva’s Junior Ballet under the direction of Patrice Delay and Sean Wood, who give him the opportunity to participate in pieces signed by choreographs in the likes of Eyal, Hofesh Shechter, Maguy Marin, Wayne McGregor, Alexander Edman, or Jan Martens. After a year as a training dancer, Nathan enters the Ballet National de Marseille as a dancer in 2020.

Lisa Laurent

Born in 1996, Lisa Laurent is a French dancer. She completes her studies at Geneva’s Junior Ballet in 2019 and begins to develop her personal work. In september 2020, she presents her first project – ‘Pas de Deux’ – in collaboration with Mattéo Trutat, at Quarts d’Heure de Sévelin in Lausanne. The project is selected for Tanzfaktor’s 2022 edition, organized by Reso. Her second project HYPER (provisional title) will be presented in Geneva in November 2022 as part of Emergentia’s high point. Along with her chronograph work, Lisa Laurent is a performer for Cindy Van Acker and is part of La Ribot Ensemble. She is also a diligent visitor of more electronic dance floors. That is how she discovered Glitter55’s work as a DJ at Geneva’s Electron Festival in 2018. After sharing it with Nathan Gombert, both dancers proposed Glitter55 to work on a hybrid creation. The three of them met at the Festival Le Bon Air 2021 to commence the design of Musahara!



Joseph Ouechen

Moroccan photographer Joseph Ouechen, based in Casablanca, has worked for magazines such as Numero, Elle US or Good Life. He exhibited at the Arab World Institute, at the Brighton Museum, or at the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam.


English creative studio DRME, created by Ryan Doyle (DR) & Mark Edwards (ME), has been gleaming for ten years in the creation of visual content for the music industry, working with profiles as diverse as Mick Jagger, WU LYF, John Talabot, Evian Christ, or GLITTER55! DR.ME have exhibited in Berlin, London, New York, Dublin, and published a retrospective ‘Cut That Out: Contemporary Collage within Graphic Design’ on the very famous publishing house Thames & Hudson.