10 Octobre 2024

Singer, producer, composer, Joe Yorke born and raised in the northwest of England during the 90s. His musical journey began in his adolescence. Seduced by the reggae and punk productions that then reached his ears, he immersed himself in these two styles with passion, took up the guitar and played his favorite songs in the streets of Wigan and Manchester. A few years later, in 2006, he discovered the life-size UK soundsystem scene during a pilgrimage to Notting Hill. This first trip to Carnival will mark him forever and confirm his desire to join the movement.

As he approached his twenties, Joe Yorke settled down in the Moss Side district of Manchester and it was from that moment on that he invested himself without restraint in the dub and reggae scene. There he met the producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Eeyun Purkins with whom he still works very closely today. At work during the day, in the studio at night, Eeyun and Joe spend their time side by side and develop a friendly and musical relationship that is as strong as it is lasting. Together they play for the group “Black Star Dub Collective” and participate in weekly jam sessions near Hulme. They learn their skills there by rubbing shoulders with the most talented local musicians from the reggae community, including some alumni of the legendary Jamaican Alpha Boy’s School. At the same time, Joe takes part in the Conscious Youth Soundsystem project and attends numerous dances, notably those of Nucleus Roots, from whom he learns many lessons.

Live on one side, soundsystem on the other: Joe Yorke very early on embraced the reggae scene as a whole without letting himself be constrained by its codes. His music is based on solid foundations of rocksteady and Jamaican dub but his influences are found in soul, folk, dub techno and experimental music.