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Oscillating between Lyon and Marseille, the happy RAVL offers us his boat on the ocean of electronic music with for crew many underground artists channeled in all the USB ports of the world but also some big names of the genre. His productions are mirrors of his influences: Berlin serenades, Detroit preludes and English cream pavanes, this is the savior’s itinerary.

Wonderful hero with energizing sets, he defies the hazards of the night by mixing Techno, Grime, Jungle, Hard Drum or UK Garage, awakening our senses with critical bass beats and severe kicks.

With several EPs, singles and remixes released on Unusual Records, Neo Record, Pont Patton, Initiatives Studio, NERVURE, Nü Kvlture or JEROME, RAVL is the union of Techno combat and Bass Music. It makes boom, it turns up, breaks knees and hits in the red. Its break and melancholic universe combining the heat of the analogical synthesizers to the icy and metallic percussions resounds already from Paris to Marseille. But also at HÖR in Berlin, in Boiler Room in Katowice, or also in Amsterdam, Istanbul or Belgrade.